Hardware and Engineered Solutions

Cloud is the new operating model for IT, and it’s transforming how business gets done. Now you can get superior results today and plan for tomorrow with a cloud-ready IT infrastructure that’s available in three consumption models on-premise, cloud at customer, and public cloud all optimized for Oracle Database and Oracle software.

Why Choose Oracle Engineered Systems?

Oracle engineered systems take infrastructure optimization to the next level. They are architecture integrated, tested, and optimized to work together. What is more on the table is that, they’re co-engineered with Oracle applications for a level of cloud-ready integration and Oracle Database performance that generic systems cannot match.

Cloud-Ready: Take a clear path to cloud

All Oracle engineered systems consumption models are cloud-ready when you are. Choose traditional on-premises deployment, private cloud, or public cloud behind your firewall—and get the same set of world-class, fully compatible, cloud-ready capabilities.

Power: Do more with less

Deliver optimum levels of performance, availability, and security. Build on Oracle engineered systems and do it faster, simpler, and cheaper than with generic systems.


Control software licensing costs by using fewer database cores to get more work done. Deploying a single-vendor model means you’ll spend less time on IT operations from day one, and more time creating new value for your organization.


You can deploy Oracle engineered systems with confidence, knowing that the world’s largest organizations trust Oracle to optimize and protect their most critical databases and applications. And, as your operational requirements change, Oracle engineered systems can easily integrate cloud capabilities when you need them.


Systems Products

Exadata Database Machine is the highest performing, most available architecture for Oracle Database. You get extreme performance, rapid time to value, straightforward deployment, and a system that’s ready for the cloud when you are.

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Big data is key to understanding customers, enhancing profitability, and keeping pace in a competitive marketplace. But is your current approach to analytics holding your business back? With Big Data Appliance, you get a unique, cloud-ready, big-data platform capable of delivering the smart data insights and rapid time to value you need.

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Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is a ground-breaking data protection solution that eliminates data loss exposure and dramatically reduces data protection overhead on production servers. Totally scalable, it can ensure end-to-end data validation and implement full lifecycle protection, including disk backup, tape backup, and remote replication.

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Whether you are running Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Oracle Solaris applications, Private Cloud Appliance supports consolidation for a wide range of mixed workloads in medium-to-large data centers. It’s a converged infrastructure system delivering private cloud at an industry-leading price.

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Database Appliance is the lowest-cost entry into Oracle Engineered Systems, ensuring substantial savings in licensing without comprising performance. It’s engineered, built, and optimized to work exclusively with Oracle Database for unmatched simplicity and affordability.

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Leveraging the capabilities of Oracle Analytics and powered by Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications delivers real-time access to personalized business application analytics, including benchmarks and machine learning-driven predictive insights.

Networking and Cyber Security 

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For the administration of network security and network-management devices, Oracle requires IT personnel to use secure protocols with authentication, authorization, and strong encryption. Network devices must be located in an environment protected with physical access controls and other physical security measure standards defined by Global Physical Security (GPS).

Communications to and from the Oracle corporate network must pass through network security devices at the border of Oracle’s internal corporate network.

Remote connections to the Oracle corporate network must exclusively use virtual private networks (VPN) that have been approved via the Corporate Security Solution Assurance Process (CSSAP).

Access to the Oracle corporate network by suppliers and third parties is subject to limitations and prior approval per Oracle’s Third-Party Network Access Policy.

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